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GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair.Juvexin has been developed specifically to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is used in all GKhair products worldwide.

Juvexin then penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This improves the softness and reduces friction enabling hair to better withstand heat, helps make hair less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of hair, giving hair overall better manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving manageability.
Keratin Highlights Lightening SystemKeratin Complex It’s A Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System

Blonde just got a little more beautiful with the introduction of Keratin Complex’s new It’s A Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System. The professional lightener is infused with Keratin Complex’s proprietary natural keratin to keep the hair moisturized during the lightening process and create silkiness and shine. The advanced technology protects against chemical breakage and reduces porosity by filling in the empty spaces in the cuticle with keratin protein to ensure even lightening and a shiny result..Fortified with hydrolyzed keratin to strengthen and restore damaged hair, hydrolyzed silk protein to enhance shine, improve elasticity and restore moisture balance, and collagen to enhance softness and shine and create beautiful, lustrous locks that look and feel better after the lightening process.

Artistic Edge is proud to offer Moroccan Oil products to our clients. As expert Moroccan Oil specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Kennesaw, GA area. Our decision to offer Moroccan Oil to our valued customers is part of this commitment.
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Argan Oil: The Secret Ingredient at Work in MoroccanOil ProductsArgan oil is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer, and rich in vitamins that strengthen hair and increase its elasticity.Argan Oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree. While it grows natively in Southwest Morocco, it’s also grown today in the orchards of Israel. Argan oil is known for its powerful nutritive, cosmetic, and medicinal properties.The argan oil found in products today is extracted from the argan kernels through the use of mechanical presses. It’s rich in natural vitamin E, phenols and phenolic acid, carotenes, squalene, and more. It’s more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. In Morocco, argan oil is used for dipping bread, on couscous, salads, and more. Unroasted argan oil is used traditionally in the treatment of skin diseases, and most recently, in a variety of beauty products.