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How To Prevent Hair Static

If your hair stands on end during cold, winter days, your hair may have conducted static electricity. Static electricity creates flyaway hair when the weather is particularly dry, and no amount of brushing or styling will reduce the problem. Static can collect on your hair if it touches a staticky item of clothing that has recently been in the dryer. Your hair can also become staticky if you touch something that has collected static electricity, like carpet or a doorknob.
Step 1-Condition your hair after shampooing with a salon bought conditioner that contains silicone.

Pay Attention, Your hair will Thank You

Picture this.
You have an appointment with your most favorite hairstylist. (me..j/k)
She gives you the best cut ever, as usual and then styles it just perfectly.
You make the same joke that you always do, implying that you want to take (me) your stylist home with you so they could do your hair that way, everyday.
But while you are staring at yourself in the mirror, thinking... 'wow, geez... I look Hot, where am I going to go now...?' You miss all the important steps on how to recreate this look.